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Seven Oaks Farm LLC

Our Farm

Farming activities at Seven Oaks are not limited to our vineyards.  With over 60 acres of fenced pasture and ample farming support structures near the eastern end of the property, we have the ability to engage in substantial farming operations.  For several years, we raised free range Pekin duck and grass fed cattle on the property and we continue to consider future, sustainable farming operations.  

Sustainable Farming

At Seven Oaks Farm, we believe in traditional, sustainable farming practices for our livestock and respectful animal husbandry.

Traditional farming provides improved conditions for free range animals, allowing them the benefits of a natural environment with plenty of sunlight and fresh air.  It is simply a more humane way to raise animals.

Advocates of traditional and sustainable farming cite superior taste and evidence of health benefits from eating products of pastured animals.  For example, research shows grass fed beef is leaner than feedlot meat and therefore lower in calories.  It also contains between 3-7 times more “good fats” (omega 3s) which are important for your heart and brain.

Pekin ducks