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Seven Oaks Farm LLC

Our Vision

Many of our guests tell us that they find it impossible to walk the grounds of Seven Oaks Farm without being captivated by its natural beauty and its splendid history.  While we are admittedly biased, we agree!  Like many before us, we’ve worked hard to preserve and improve the fruits of this place – from the beautiful grounds to the historic buildings to the vineyard itself.  We call this “refining nature’s legacy” – and we think this aptly describes our vision as stewards of the property and our winemaking philosophy:  Maintain a healthy respect for the land, its history and its fruits, and refine only as consistent with that respect.  Septenary Winery is our way of sharing this history, beauty and vision with all of those who visit our winery or drink our wine.

It is our hope that you will come and enjoy the Septenary experience firsthand, whether through a glass of our wine with family or friends, a more formal tasting of the wines, or by joining our family through the Septenary wine club.